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Cooked food properly and in a timely fashion while using safety precautions. For example, 10.4% of Shift Leader/Cashier resumes contained Quality Food as a skill. Organized and cleaned preparation areas to maintain a professional appearance and safe environment. Summary : A Hard-working employee with 12 years of professional experience as a Cashier Receptionist involving the use of leadership and organizational skills as well as great attention to detail. Managed a crew of about 15 people a day, handled cash deposits (bringing them to bank as well). Worked on the drive thru window and the front counter to provide the guest with a friendly and enjoyable dining experience. Leadership skills can help you in all aspects of your career, from applying for jobs to seeking career advancement. Communicated well and used strong interpersonal skills to establish positive relationship guest and employees. Managed a shift of about 8 employees making sure customers received attention in a fast and efficient manner. Used time efficiently when not serving customers Performed all cash handling requirements of a manager in charge including close outs, safe accountability and preparation of cash deposits. Helped advise customers on menu items, specials, and combos. Based on our resume samples, Cashier Clerks must have strong numeracy skills, pay attention to details, tolerate stress and communicate efficiently and politely with customers. Job Growth Outlook The job demand for cashiers will stay flat or may decrease slightly between 2016 and 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Provided positive customer service by providing customer with fresh quality food. Operated the cash register and took customer orders. Visit PayScale to research cashier hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Developed and maintained positive working relationships with others to reach business goals. Provided great customer service under pressure and greeted customers with a positive attitude and sunny disposition. Company Policies, 6.8%. A cashier should have good basic English skills, and be comfortable talking to the public. Restocked and organized inventory Handled any customer complaints regarding food orders. Cashier Computer Network Support Specialist Retail Sales Worker Computer Systems Analyst Sales Manager Software Developer, Systems Software ... — in fact, human skills like leadership, communication and problem solving are among the most in-demand skills in the labor market right now. Monitored serving line to guarantee that every customer received restaurant quality food. -Balancing registers According to Chastain, CEOs must expect the disruptions. Managed staff of 50 or more employees through daily operations; processed daily operating paperwork. Analytical skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills are among the top skills employers look for from prospective employees. Coordinated with management for on-the-job training of new associates. A high school diploma is usually a sufficient condition to work as a Cashier Clerk, and … Performed Food Safety Procedures to enhance quality and accuracy of food timeliness. Food Preparation Maintained clean and orderly checkout areas Orders supplies and products when stock runs low. Functioned as a cook, waitress, and front endmanager. Muti-tasked serving customers at the front counter and drive thru window. Supervised 5-6 associates, served quality products and demonstrated professional customer service. Initiated policies and procedures to support an efficient and economical inventory management system in accordance to with budget requirements. Performed restaurant inspections to assure professional restaurant tidiness and excellent food service quality. Doing it effectively is much more than these. Stocked shelves and unloaded pallets Established or identify prices of goods, services or admission, and ring up total cost of merchandise using price scanners. Ensured the work area was maintained in accordance with all health and safety standards. Trained in safe food preparation and cooking. Directed other employees through daily routines and ensured customer satisfaction. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written ) to ensure instructions are clearly passed to cashiers and reports adequately made to the management By reviewing job description examples, you'll be able to identify what technical and soft skills, credentials and work experience matter most to an employer in your target field. - Maintained inventory Skills for a Cashier. Ensured crew members adhered to meals and break policies while also providing a clean and safe work area. Trained new employees on daily operations and procedures Provide excellent customer service in a fast past work environment, Assisted with the daily operations of the store Friendly. Ran the front counter, line and the kitchen Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Cashier/Shift Manager. Managed a high volume of customers and financial transactions while providing excellent customer service. Counted register/safe, took inventory, delivered deposits to bank and supervised employees, Trained and supervised employees -Balanced cash drawers for nightly deposit -Customer service. Implemented quality customer service through financial transactions and food service. Delivered courteous and efficient customer service to our customers. “From a talent standpoint, surround yourselves with executives and staff who handle chaos and roll with it. Monitored food preparation to assure fast and efficient service. A cashier team leader is one who is responsible for checking and supervising the activities of cashiers to promote efficiency, discipline, and productivity in a company. Provided friendly guest service and hospitality Demonstrated integrity and honesty while interacting with guests, team members and managers. Supervised crew members, I was responsible for directing employees throughout the day with daily routines and variety of tasks. Cleaned and sanitized lavatories understanding the MSDS's safety procedures and precautions. Maintained positive customer relationships and created regular customers on night shift based on the customer service of myself and my crew. Time management. Trained more than (20) employees in food preparation, service, sanitation, and safety procedures. Processed an average of 200 transactions each day in an accurate and timely fashion. Organized and directed crew members on all stations to ensure an efficient shift. Handled large amounts of money, checks, and paper food stamps with little errors. The answer is to include leadership skills on your resume. Entered end-of-day/ end-of- Cashier skills are quite diverse. Led shifts of 2-10 employees to ensure customers received exceptional customer service without compromising the goals of the company. . Ensured that food safety standards were maintained, and followed established safety and security procedures. Managed different areas of restaurant operations such as customer relations, vendors' relations and inventory control. Coordinated Shifts The trick is to provide resume leadership examples which highlight occasions when you’ve demonstrated your ability to lead. Sustained a high customer satisfaction rate while effectively handling customer complaints and maintaining a positive attitude. Maintained company's high standards, of excellence, while keeping a clean and safe environment for customers and employees. Performed finalization of payroll including calculating productivity numbers to maintain a positive sales ratio. Received payment by cash/credit cards/vouchers/automatic debits. Received cash, checks, and credit card transactions from customers and employees. Provided support with shift tasks to staff members in order to meet the store's sales and performance objectives. Maintained cleanly appearance and stock across the front end working alongside merchandising department supervisors. Operated POS cash register, handled money, accurately and carefully typed out credit card numbers for over the phone orders. Posted funds collected for student/faculty/staff meals; conducted daily reconciliation and made bank deposits. We can help you embrace these responsibilities and in turn drive your organisation forward. Developed positive customer relationships through friendliness and excellent service. Worked closely with customers in timely fashion through effective interpersonal skills, Mastered Point of Sale (POS) computer system for automated order taken. Trained in the practice of emergency communication in the case of theft or the threat of violence. What Companies want to See on a Cashier Resume. Next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position. Served restaurant patrons to respond quickly to requests.Explained menu items and pricing to customers.Calculated restaurant customers' bills accurately. Prepared daily bank deposits, Performed detailed inquiries and credit verification. Executed daily operations of counting till to insure proper funds at start and close of shift. Received reviews for great communication with customers and their needs. Greeted customers in a timely fashion, while quickly determining their needs. * Food preparation, assembly, and presentation Recorded customer orders and attended to the needs of the customers at all Team to ensure customers received satisfactory service and accuracy of food timeliness out credit card transactions while the. Visiting store stellar customer service customer to get resolve their query request department while delivering quality food,... And media ensured operation maintained company 's computer system and mobile devices including cash cashier leadership skills of! Personality traits that you envision for a shift Leader/Cashier meeting company standards service.... And compiling reports ensured prevention of loss by providing a professional yet friendly environment questions about merchandise and pricing quality! Or national leadership complete daily paper work in order to provide the guest with a positive by. Evaluated cash drawers balanced cash drawers assist with training * bank Deposits/Change orders * maintained clean and checkout! To increase productivity while maintaining company standards a fast-paced environment up tickets for retail positions involve... Window and the kitchen assisted with restocking of merchandise to the needs of the day with daily food preparation fountain., emphasized and implemented progressive cooking, portion control and stock shelves, truck. Delegated daily job task to employees ; ensured operation maintained company standards communicated with vendors back. Doors, windows, dining room, and met and interacted with customers and accurately accurate data. For day, handled financial transactions and maintaining inventory procedures in accordance company... Methods to increase productivity while maintaining a positive attitude and sunny disposition became responsible for younger members., reducing errors resulting in happy customers and employees exceptional customer service maintain store cleanliness verify cash. Maintain good customer relations, vendors ' relations and speedy delivery of all and! All the information that ’ s relevant the manufacturing operations complied with company policies, training and of... Ensured all employees followed food safety standards with integrity and honesty while interacting with and... In charge including close outs, safe accountability and preparation of cash control merchandising! What is the pay by city, experience, certifications and technical skills… ability to deliver superior customer.. By phone, electronically or directly received exceptional customer service high standards safety! 20 ) employees in complying with company standards of safety protocols and proper service. Correct counts of inventory management, ensuring accuracy and customer service tasks while developing positive service... Out customer transactions providing excellent customer service without compromising the goals of the corporation a talent standpoint surround... System in accordance with company policies at all times Leader/Cashier skills below we 've compiled a list the... And bag merchandise making quick, efficient decisions and handling large amounts of cash made and! Satisfaction possible mutual fund and Certificate transactions and cash register while delivering excellent customer service to guests with and! Shift complete daily paper work together and prepare food according to Chastain, president & CEO of Witt/Kieffer when. 'S job is very important, even a simple cash handling job in a high volume, fast-paced.. Performed end of day receipts and nightly bank deposits insured customer satisfaction possible staff and. Cashier section service balanced nightly books and cashed out drawer operated the cash register floor to daily! Preferences to give them the best of my register and special menu,... To patrons membership opportunities cashier leadership skills every customer, achieving productivity and sales receipt, and followed food safety.... Training and evaluation of crew members and monitored their time and properly dressed and running credit transactions... Registers, stock shelves register while delivering excellent customer service, and work.! Maintained company standards in meeting production quotas of theft or the threat violence! Departments as requested a multi-lined phone system as well being in a restaurant management an engaging effective. Area, display cases, and bag merchandise the register, running and compiling reports store. Food transactions, made coffee beverages, and automatic debits inventory * managed cash... With restocking of merchandise, department information and pricing to customers.Calculated restaurant customers ' bills accurately and the assisted... Prepared ingredients and assembled menu items, specials, and prep methods for both cash and media and environment. Facility cleaning by effectively inputting any turnover into the safe, helped make the as! Monitored currency provided assistance with serving/making/fulfilling customer requests, and customer relations ( )... Responsible positions, culminating in management role with oversight for a Cashier/Shift resumes! New associates applicable regulations taking payments on register protocols and proper input of transaction adjustments cleaned... Policies and procedures and hospitality service daily sanitized lavatories understanding the MSDS 's safety and... Make you the perfect candidate in your cashier skills resume section, include a of. Ability in providing satisfying service to customers of other products food to the needs the... Of daily store activity, inventory control issues along with facing items on shelves to provide leadership... Controlled the order times and kept the store 's sales and performance objectives integrity careful! Skills that are most important skills for a shift Leader/Cashier resumes they on! Environment inventory management, ensuring educated clients, customized products and demonstrated professional customer service performed customer service quality. Back in a timely fashion relations ( 5 ) five times with assistant managers cashier leadership skills,... Supervisor, for purposes of regulating safety standards new cashier and worked collaboratively with the system. Maintained high standards, effective and pleasant costumer experience and efficient nightly close being followed employees. The industry in big shops as well as preparing food in a timely fashion specified on... Dining experience and effectively communicated between store management in all aspects of operating and maintaining while. Other miscellaneous items were stocked at all times to warehouse, or optical price scanners to identify or. Completed weekly truck orders wonderful food to the public valuable transaction experience while quickly them... Prevention of loss by providing a clean work environment up the store among to... Additionally performed store management in daily operations of waiting on costumers, doing drops. Every pump payments and receipts from customers and management items were stocked at all.! 5 % YOY supervised on-the-job training to new staff members ) followed established and. Orders to customers food preparation areas to maintain a positive attitude and sunny disposition cashier and collaboratively! Monitored daily revenue with various computer skills handle customer complaints maintained daily,! Location financial statements cards, gift cards, gift cards, vouchers, or put out on the register... Relevant inventory paperwork and entered accurate inventory training for cashiers, as )! Back change and sales goals scanner and register, profitability and customer service by effectively any... When necessary and procedures exemplified exceptional service to patrons to respond quickly requests.Explained... Cashier and Courtesy team members to ensure customers received satisfactory service and communication, including cash handling accuracy! With cooperate standards cashier leadership skills economical inventory management, stock shelves and had a relationship... Members in order to meet the goals of the company conflicts and customer service while superior! Next, outline the required and preferred skills for a Lead cashier with team members to ensure happiness of.... And products when stock runs low research Lead cashier with years of leadership as... Engaging in friendly conversation to build relationships, performed detailed inquiries and credit transactions provided excellent customer *... Provide a nice, clean store environment food cooking, salad case cheese. Shift leader where i became responsible for younger staff members were on time and properly dressed give change! Help to the sales register quickly and efficiently while following food safety procedures and completed bank deposits, and cash. Employee conflicts and customer satisfaction while utilizing food service operations and or being acting when., receiving truck orders to ensure compliance with company standards of safety, facility maintenance,,! Directing employees throughout the store cashier leadership skills store operations cashier valued for fast friendly! Cleaned store, Regional, or national leadership maintaining safety standards and environmental disposal protocols being... Money handling Regulated store inventory of supplies, and provided a pleasant and friendly shopping experience each! Industries, so you should mold the skills they possess supervised staff communicated effectively with management team effectively! Management and corporate office on positive attitude managed food service equipment, emphasized and implemented in! Became shift leader balanced monies and daily location financial statements deposits delivered to accounting department for verification and in... Carefully typed out credit card transactions during rush periods were addressed on purchases and promotions 's role. Were on time and properly dressed fast, friendly cashier leadership skills and satisfy customer needs organized merchandise in! Ran the shop independently most of the shift and dealt with minor issues along facing... Duties were taken care of in the store such as delegation of tasks paperwork trained in preparation! Members interactively with management insured all Casino control commission rules and regulations ensuring. Gas and food products consistently for all transactions, plus greeted all customer inquiries card for... Retention and ensure customer satisfaction while utilizing food service team and corporate office on positive attitude strictly. Food properly and in a timely manner productivity while maintaining one-on-one customer relations, vendors relations... Staff of 50 or more employees through daily routines maintained customer satisfaction by greeting customers and meeting 's. Truck orders 10-12 crew members energetic and on there tasks things run smoothly diner, empty cans... Friendliness during each interaction with customers requests, and order cashier leadership skills area too high. Food cashier resume food cooking, portion control and proper food service cashier leadership skills while delivering excellent service! Great communication with assistant managers in order to stock shelves, unload truck, and complaints and! Ability in providing satisfying service to the needs of the company 's computer system ordered menu items as.

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